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Their offer

Employees at Norway Rat Records are possessing knowledge and experience in all key areas of the record industry. The company offer artists safety through career management and manages their works out the best way. The record label can act as a consultant, sparring partner or thoroughbred label depending on the artist’s ambition and perspective. Their staff has experience in major -and Indie Company, production, songwriting, record store, sales, marketing, radio and online media. Norway Rat Records is an unconventional player in a traditional industry. They are digital positivists and working out in the objective that provides the best conditions to succeed. Cooperation with this record label provides a solid foundation in the bottom and the opportunity to further your music, your market and watersheds. It adapts media management based on each artist’s wishes and since release art. Media Strategies tailored to the printed press, television, radio and internet.

The company can also assist in the planning and production of music, design of additional material and more. With a substantial network in the back is the company capable to offer their artists recording studios in different parts of Norway. Depending on a style, genre and domicile adapts company recording after the artist’s needs and ambitions. Through partners in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia are also mastering of the highest quality so that a release should not suffer damage in this crucial process in a project. Less rigid frames and the ability to tailor their agreement means that you as an artist can use their knowledge where the need is greatest. They can bring professionalism in all necessary aspects of your career, but simultaneously takes into account the artist’s wishes and objectives. The company’s operations and organization means that they can react quicker than most, and offer appointment by tailoring; flexibility our artists put extra loud.

Be part of the artists’ portfolio!

Norway Rat Records is now, together with our sponsors in Norske Casino, looking for new artists who will be part of their positive development. The only criterion they set is that they in the company must like what they give out, and they must see a market. If they do that, they are open to provide a digital distribution and attempts to exploit your music without any costs other than % of turnover. They also offer physical distribution through music operators.

If you are an artist in search of being discovered and you would like to be part of their team, all you have to do is send a demo. They recommend that you send them a streaming link or a CD with 1-4 of your strongest songs. They prefer links. If the songs capture their interest, they will of course contact you!

Good luck and we are looking forward to hearing you!