Fresh Releases

One can be almost sure that at Norwegian Rat Records artists of first class are releasing their best hits with a guaranteed success. Check the new releases at

Norwegian artists

Among the new EP releases in 2016 there is Astrid S. with “Paper Thin”, a song about being hurt and feeling vulnerable, which seems to register a great success even from day 1 of releasing. The EP is to be found on the album Astrid S released in 2016. Astrid Smeplass (born 29 October 1996), known professionally as Astrid S, is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. She came fifth in the Norwegian version of the reality television show Pop Idol, aired on TV 2 in 2013. She is currently residing in Norway and the US. In addition to this, she won MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Norwegian Act. Until now she released only to albums, both with Norwegian Rat Records: Hyde and Astrid S.

SEEB has released a new song featuring Neev – “Breathe”, a song about surviving a deception in love and stay strong in despite of the deceiving. The Norwegian duo Seeb have registered a huge success which beat the song “Firestone” by Kygo on Spotify, the first band’s song being played for more than 417 million times. Seeb remixed overhaul of Mike Posner song “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” – an acoustic song transformed to pumping club music was on the first place in the main hit lists in UK, Netherland, Belgium, Israel and Croatia, writes VG.

Foreign artists

Another fresh release is Veronica Maggio with her song “Den första är alltid grattis”, from the album with the same name released this year in spring. The song which talks to the listener in a very personal way, typical Maggio and her songs, is dealing with the things and deeds that at the beginning do not harm or do not have consequences, but on a longer term they are being punished, “expensive”. Maggio is in top 10 of the most successful Swedish singer of all times. Born on 15 March 1981 Uppsala, Sweden, she is of Swedish and Italian origin. She won the category “Årets nykomling” (Newcomer of the Year) in the Grammies Gala 2007. In Dagbladet’s review of her current album, it is pointed that “(the album) sounds easy and warm, the craft is impeccable, she is a brilliant communicator and the songs are consistently appealing, albeit poor in the real highlight. And that’s probably what Veronica Maggio’s fate is?”

Of the foreign artists’ releasing, worth mentioning are Robin Schulz and Akon “Heatwave”, a song especially created for the summer of 2016. The song is not only catchy and summerish, but it also represents the coming back from a long pause of the artist Akon. The usual collaboration lately between a DJ and rapper turned out to be successful in this case too and it is presumed that the hit is going to be one of this summer’s icons. Robin Schulz (born 28 April 1987) is a German record producer, musician and DJ. Most of his songs make use of electric guitar riffs. On 4 February 2014, he released the first single from his debut album, a remix of “Waves” by Dutch hip hop artist Mr Probz. This remix later received a nomination for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.